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About Dhatronictech

Dhatronictech software has been established as an online application development organization with the purpose of aiding business professionals. Through unique and innovative web-based tools, we are able to provide consulting and development services. Moreover, we seek to enhance sectors such as e-commerce, web design and integrated web platforms. Through the years, we have come to value integrated solutions in addition to advanced applications and mobile technology, as we believe our clients derive tremendous value from our services in this area; thus, we take your time, money and overall needs into consideration in order to provide a service that is attuned to your budget whilst still maintaining excellent service and on-time deliverables. We always put our clients first. Our services and expertise include: • Java • ASP.Net • JavaScript • HTML/CSS • Flex • PHP • Android SDK • iPhone SDK • and more…

Dhatronictech Software Services & Solutions

UI/UX and Mobile Application Development

The mobile application sphere has become an area of increasing importance for any commercial venture. As a result, our expert staff have developed a number of specifically-designed mobile platforms, ranging from small applications to complex virtual innovations. Stemming from there, we have developed a few third-party applications, which include: Java multimedia Apps, networking Apps and navigational Apps. With the aid of IOS SDK, Android SDK and Windows SDK, we have leveraged on the talents of our in-house experts to explore the near endless possibilities of mobile applications. Our engineers are also excited to take on the toughest Android challenges, and their qualifications and expertise only enhance the creativity we are able to offer the mobile application market.

Solutions For Ecommerce Product Development

Realizing the potential for present and future growth through mobile applications, many firms from a variety of industries have turned to Dhatronictech for software solutions. Thus, retail stores, hospitality firms, restaurants and manufacturing businesses have seen effective and sustainable growth through our services. Moreover, e-commerce requires a certain amount of expertise; every site wants success, but achieving long-term success can be difficult if there is no customer retention. We provide the tools necessary to grow your business and achieve an ROI that continues to grow. Thus, we offer e-commerce features such as usability, aesthetics, speed, appeal and functionality and research-based tuning to ensure that your online commercial ventures have every chance of success.

Application Development

Dhatronictech places client needs at the center of the development process, translating to innovative solutions that are custom made for individual business requirements. All of our clients can attest to how our services have proven user friendly, reliable and secure using a Global Delivery Model. Furthermore, our qualified engineers have tremendous experience in creating business solutions with a foundation of Microsoft .Net, Grails, Java and Open Source platforms. Moreover, our services often extend to custom application development, integrations, App re-engineering, design, implementation, testing, application management and more. We cater to all industries, as all of our services are customizable to individual client needs.

Dhatronictech Careers

Dhatronictech is constantly on the lookout for programmers, engineers, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. Consider applying your talents within a team that seeks to make a daily difference in markets all over the world. Limitless potential awaits with Dhatronictech – whether you are a graduate or a seasoned professional – this could be the next big step in your career. If you are interested in joining, send your details to careers@Dhatronictech.com

Dhatronictech Clients

Dhatronictech has served some of the world’s largest brands, an accomplishment we have achieved by putting our clients at the center of all our operations. Thus, we are able to turn opportunities into realized innovative solutions that drive growth over the long run.

Dhatronictech Contact Us

Submit in details and we will call you shortly to discuss about your detail. Send an email to careers@Dhatronictech.com

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